Тест поможет нам понять ваш уровень знаний и выявить слабые места, подобрать для Вас оптимальную программу обучения.

Всего 24 вопроса.

1. This _____ Mike.
2. They _____photos.
3. _____ it a computer?
4. _____you married?
5. We _____ not from France.
We _____ speak English very well now.
7. He _____ in the cinema last week.
8. She ______ speak German. She speaks only English.
9. _____ they in the park yesterday?
10. _____old are you?
11. _____is your office?
12. _____you like hot chocolate?
13. _____he go to work last Saturday?
14. _____are your English classes?
15. _____wants to play football with me?
16. I do not work _____the weekend.
17. She is studying _____her friend.
18. They came here _____train.
19. We are flying _____ London next week.
_____Mondays I get up very early.
21. I have never _____ to Egypt.
22. We are going _____ a new computer.
23. I would _____ to visit my friends.
24. I did not _____ to the cinema last week.
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